HappyPrinting, the worldwide online printing platform, is proud to announce its cooperation with Castoreli in Mexico, for the launch of HappyPrinting Mexico. Castoreli is a merger of Medio Pliego and Buho Media Shop. 

Sven Rusticus, CEO of HappyPrinting: “We are proud to partner with Castoreli for the roll-out of HappyPrinting in Mexico, a country with 130 million people offering a great potential for online printing. With our plug & play solution we’ll be able to launch fast and effectively in Mexico.”

Armando Castilla, CEO of Castoreli: “We are excited to be a partner of HappyPrinting. We like the brand, the platform and the ambition to grow internationally. It’s a benefit to be part of a global network of partners that share one brand and one platform. It’s just smart!” 

From left to right: Armando Castilla, Arturo Castaldi and Juan Carlos Torres of Castoreli.HP Innovation Partner
HappyPrinting is innovation partner of HP Indigo and offers its plug & play solution to HP Indigo customers worldwide that want to grow their business via web-to-print. HappyPrinting is specialised in Printing On Demand via Digital Printing, making short print runs affordable, more environmentally friendly and avoiding print inventories.

Print products like business cards, flyers, posters, stickers, labels and even wall-papers will become available on www.happyprinting.com.mx. HappyPrinting enables its customers to make their designs via its online editor and design templates.

International growth

HappyPrinting is growing fast and is now active in ten countries: Netherlands, Spain, Philippines, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ecuador and now in Mexico. 
Jean-Pierre Meijer, CTO of HappyPrinting manages the printing platform and the deployment in all countries: “By using a shared platform, we are able to develop and innovate faster. It’s therefore great to see the excitement of our partners being part of the network.”

About HappyPrinting

HappyPrinting is a global online printing platform, connecting local supply to local demand and increasing sales for local printing partners in the commercial print and for labels and packaging converters under the name HappyPackaging. HappyPrinting minimizes transportation needs and lowers the carbon footprint of print. More info can be found on www.happyprinting.com.


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