HappyPrinting and ISI publishing innovators sign agreement for Global Online Prepress

HappyPrinting, the global online printing franchise chain, has signed an agreement with ISI publishing innovators to implement ISI’s Online Prepress Application Controlboxx for all HappyPrinting franchise partners worldwide.

ISI’s Controlboxx checks and repairs print files, which makes ordering print even easier and guarantees quality. This means that errors, such as incorrect color coding, transparencies and non-enclosed fonts, are now a thing of the past.

Sven Rusticus, CEO of HappyPrinting: “We are very pleased with this collaboration with ISI. Controlboxx enables us to grow even faster by further increasing the service to our customers and significantly reducing the order management costs for our franchise partners. It is expected that this will further increase the conversion on all online printing platforms of HappyPrinting. ”

Theo van de Broek, CEO of ISI publishing innovators: “HappyPrinting is a very innovative company in the printing industry with great international ambitions. We are therefore pleased and proud that we are going to work with HappyPrinting and use our expertise worldwide to create even more satisfied customers together. ”

Van den Broek and Rusticus have known each other for a long time and have successfully worked together in the past when Rusticus was COO of Drukwerkdeal. During the last couple of months ISI and HappyPrinting have designed the optimal user experience for the online prepress application.

International growth

HappyPrinting is growing fast and is now active in the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Bulgaria, Ecuador, the Philippines, Japan and New Zealand. Jean-Pierre Meijer, CTO of HappyPrinting manages the deployment and technical operations in all countries: “We have an exciting road ahead. Our platform is extremely scalable, fits the needs for printers and the world is our market.”

HP Innovation Partner

HappyPrinting is a partner of HP Indigo and a member of HP’s Innopartner program. HappyPrinting offers its plug & play solution to HP Indigo customers worldwide that want to grow their business by enabling web-to-print via HappyPrinting.

About HappyPrinting

HappyPrinting is a global online printing platform, connecting local printing companies to local customers. We connect local supply to local demand and increase sales for our local printing partners. In doing so, we minimize transportation needs and lower the carbon footprint of print. 

HappyPrinting is based in the Netherlands and started in 2017. Printing companies worldwide can use its online printing solution, in combination with its branding and marketing services. HappyPrinting’s vision is to create a global network of local printers, based on one platform, who all share their knowledge in technology, innovation and marketing.

HappyPrinting was founded by Sven Rusticus, former COO of Drukwerkdeal and Jean-Pierre Meijer, former Global IT Director at Dow Chemical.

About ISI publishing innovators

Since 1999, ISI publishing innovators has been helping its clients to organize the production process of printed matter, sign products and marketing materials more efficiently. The smart use of proprietary software and software from partners keeps the number of operations required to produce to a minimum.


More information about HappyPrinting can be found at: www.happyprinting.com

For more information and visual material, please contact Sven Rusticus, CEO HappyPrinting.

sven@happyprinting.nl | +31 20 8943210 | +31 6 21864325 

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