Worldwide online printing platform HappyPrinting is proud to announce its partnership with DigiPress Ltd. for the launch of HappyPrinting in the United Kingdom:
HappyPrinting UK offers photo gifts, wall art, personalised clothing, textile bags and a wide range of marketing materials.

DigiPress, located in Didcot, Oxfordshire, is an innovative and forward-thinking specialist in digital and wide format printing and offers modern printing and converting technologies.

Steve Jackson, CEO of DigiPress: “We are proud to partner with HappyPrinting and leverage HappyPrinting’s expertise to create a great online user experience for our customers in the UK.”

Sven Rusticus, CEO of HappyPrinting: “We are excited to partner with DigiPress, an innovative printing company and above all a great team of people with whom we will bring web-to-print to a next level.”

Jean-Pierre Meijer, CTO of HappyPrinting manages the printing platform for all countries: “We are experts of the printing industry. We have gained a lot of knowledge and expertise that we integrated into our web-to-print platform and made available for all our partners worldwide.”

HappyPrinting is growing fast and is now active in 14 countries, among others in the Netherlands, Spain, Philippines, Japan, Bulgaria, Georgia, United States and now also in the UK.

HP InnoPartner ProgramHappyPrinting is an innovation partner of HP Indigo and a member of its InnoPartner Program.  HappyPrinting offers its solution to HP Indigo customers worldwide who want to grow their business via web-to-print. HappyPrinting specialises in Printing On Demand, making short print runs affordable and environmentally friendly. 

About DigiPress DigiPress is an established forward-thinking and innovative specialist in digital and large format printing processes. As a preferred supplier for many small businesses and major high street brands, we are renowned for exceeding client expectations.DigiPress delivers best-in-class quality services to clients using a variety of printing processes, from a large selection of the latest wide-format equipment, HP Indigo digital offset printing, and on-demand web-to-print services. For more information, visit

About HappyPrintingHappyPrinting is a global online printing franchise platform, connecting local supply to local demand and increasing sales for local printing partners. HappyPrinting minimises transportation needs and lowers the carbon footprint of print. HappyPrinting is based in the Netherlands and offers its online printing platform, with all marketing services. HappyPrinting’s vision is to create a global network of local printers, based on one platform, who all share their knowledge in technology, innovation and marketing.

HappyPrinting is looking for more international partners. More information about HappyPrinting can be found on
In the picture: Sandra, Jamie, AdamIan, Holly and Steve.